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Our story

Our story starts in 2012, when we were conducting our own academic research. We would often need the general public to take part in surveys, interviews and experiments. To get participants for our research we would send out a ‘call for participants’ through our social media channels and the university mailing lists. However this would only reach our friends, family and colleagues, who were not always suitable for the research, or there were not enough of them. But in order to let the general public know about these opportunities to take part we needed a new way to communicate.

Contrary to popular belief, the research activities taking place in universities across the world every day are far from boring or “academic”. If you take part, you can find your self testing car simulators, playing with lego, trying different types of cakes, or even counting craters on Mars. And often you are rewarded for doing so with financial compensation, vouchers or other various rewards spanning from a sincere “thank you!” to theme park tickets. Therefore, to help us reach the general public and showcase all the great opportunities available, we built

Study page

A study page is an advert for your research study - questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, diary studies, experiments... You name it, our study page fits it!

Study page makes it easy for potential participants to get all the information they need to make a decision whether to take part. They get quick overview of the study like completion time, compensation for their time, type of study and so on.

Listed requirements make it easy for potential participants to see if they meet your required demographics and spread the word through social media integrations.