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Start Date: January 2013
End Date: October 2016
Funding Call: Research and Development Projects National Plan
Funding Organisation: Ministry of Industry, Economy and Competitivity of Spain (MINECO)
Organisation: Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
Organisation: Universitat de València-Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas

Datasea is a Spanish initiative to improve the know-how and best practices in research data storage and curation. We built the knowledge basis to study good practices worldwide. Once we done this, we wanted to know the behaviours, tools, expectations and needs of our researchers, scholars and research managers. So, we performed two surveys, one for a quantitative approach and other for the qualitative one. Afterwards, we began an advocacy campaign, with workshops, guidelines and conferences in Spanish. At last, we collected in ODiSEA the journals that are accepting supplementary material and their policies about it. The final aim of the project is to build a discovery tool (OpenDataScience) able to search enriched files into the URLs of the journals.