Filling the digital preservation gap

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Start Date: April 2015
End Date: June 2015
Blog: LINK
Blog Feed: LINK
Funding Call: Research Data Spring
Funding Organisation: Jisc
Ideascale: LINK
Organisation: University of York
Organisation: University of Hull

This idea behind this project is to investigate Archivematica and explore how it might be used to provide digital preservation functionality within a wider infrastructure for Research Data Management. In phase one of the project we intend to find out what Archivematica has to offer RDM and what its main strengths and weaknesses are. We will explore where it might fit within an RDM infrastructure and workflow and highlight the benefits it could bring. Where weaknesses are highlighted, we will explore how these problems may be overcome, perhaps with a sponsored development which could be funded in phase 2 of this project. Sponsored developments may include extra functionality or enable better integration with other components of the RDM infrastructure. Phase 3 would see proof of concepts being established at Hull and York and their subsequent dissemination as case studies which would help inform the RDM community across the UK and beyond.