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Start Date: 2013
End Date: 2017
Twitter: @KitCatalogue
Funding Organisation: Jisc
Organisation: University of Loughborough

What is Kit-Catalogue?

Kit-Catalogue is an online system that can help any organisation effectively catalogue, record and locate their kit. This might be laboratory equipment, workshop machines, ICT and specialist tools – in fact any physical asset that requires descriptive information to be recorded, the item located and then used to its full potential. Kit-Catalogue can contain a wealth of information on each item including its; specification, custodian, location, handbook, access requirements, usage data and photos.

What is the Kit-Catalogue Project?

The project is currently funded by Loughborough University, and previously under the JISC‘s Greening ICT programme to produce the open source PHP/MySQL Kit-Catalogue system, based on the existing online laboratory equipment database, developed by the Centre for Engineering and Design Education at Loughborough University. The aim is to reduce the costly duplication and double purchasing of equipment within HE institutions and instead promote the reuse of equipment across the organisation. Furthermore, the system can be opened up to the public, allowing companies and other third parties to hire out equipment that might otherwise be lying idle.

Pilot institutions

Many of the pilot institutions’ Kit-Catalogue databases are now live. These include:

   Aston University (under construction)
   University of Birmingham (under construction)
   University of Brighton (under construction)
   De Montfort University
   Loughborough University
   Newcastle University
   Northumbria University
   University College London (UCL)
   University of Leicester
   University of Nottingham
   University of Portsmouth (under construction)

Find out more

Contact either Martin Hamilton, Jisc futurist (who is leading on both of Jisc’s equipment sharing projects) or Melanie King who is the Kit-Catalogue Project Manager from Loughborough University.