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Twitter: @OSFramework
Organisation: Center for Open Science

Short description

Simplified Scholarly Collaboration Cloud-based management for your projects.

What does OSF do for you?

1. Manage your project. View all of your projects from one dashboard.

2. Quickly share files. Share key project information and allow others to use and cite it.

3. See project changes. See the latest project changes, who is contributing and historical file versions.

4. View project analytics. Access project data ranging from visits over time to top referring websites.

5. Archive your data. Computer or collaborator explode? With the OSF you will never lose your project data.

6. Control access and collaboration. Add others to your projects to collaborate, or provide private access to view.

7. Supercharge your workflow. The OSF helps individuals, teams and labs make their research processes more efficient.

8. Registration. Preserve the state of a project at important parts of its lifecycle such as the onset of data collection.