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End Date: July 2016
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Funding Organisation: Jisc
Organisation: Jisc
Organisation: DCC
Organisation: UKDA

Following on from the initial pilot (phase one), this longer phase of the project will build on this pilot work and aims to lay the firm foundations for a UK research data discovery service

Phase 1

In 2013, the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) piloted an approach to a registry service to aggregate metadata for research data held within UK universities and national, discipline specific data centres.

This six month pilot, which engaged the support of a number of higher education institutions (HEIs), tested an existing data registry architecture, based on the software and metadata requirements of Research Data Australia developed by the Australian National Data Service (ANDS). Its aims were to demonstrate the feasibility of a research data discovery service for the UK and to develop a better understanding of the optimal technical platform, metadata strategy and harvesting mechanism.

An essential feature was to initiate the engagement with stakeholders from the HEIs and data centres to ensure the pilot was designed to meet stakeholder requirements.

Phase 2

The second phase will build on this pilot work and aims to lay the firm foundations for a UK research data discovery service, including a service operation plan and business case for its delivery into the future.

In this second phase of work, we will:

Build on the stakeholder engagement; Further evaluate the ANDS solution and explore an alternative such as the Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (CKAN); Assess whether any other solutions are potential candidates; Continue the metadata standards work; Move the pilot to a suitable instantiation for a future service. This Jisc-led initiative, with support from the Digital Curation Centre and the UK Data Archive, will develop a discovery service that enables the discovery of UK research data, meets our customer requirements and is in a position to be taken forward into a service run by Jisc.

Further information about the project is available on the project page on the Jisc website under the Research and Development section – UK Research Data Discovery Service project page.

You can also follow the project’s progress and join the discussion by following #jiscRDDS on Twitter.