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Twitter: @TheDMPTool
Organisation: UC Curation Centre
Organisation: California Digital Library

Why the DMPTool?

Scholarly researchers today are increasingly required to engage in a range of data management activities to comply with institutional policies, or as a precondition for publication or grant funding. Data management plans are now a standard part of grant proposals for most funding agencies. To aid researchers in creating effective data management plans (DMPs), a group of organizations collaborated on the development of the DMPTool, an online application that helps researchers create data management plans. The DMPTool provides detailed guidance and links to general and institutional resources and walks a researcher through the process of generating a comprehensive plan tailored to specific DMP requirements.

DMPTool Background

The original DMPTool was a grassroots effort, beginning in January 2011 with eight institutions partnering to provide in-kind contributions of personnel and development. The effort was in direct response to demands from funding agencies, such as the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), that researchers plan for managing their research data. By joining forces the contributing institutions are able to consolidate expertise and reduce costs in addressing data management needs.